Monday, December 27, 2010

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Why Wait Until January 1rst to Begin a New Slate? Start Today!

Life will teach you a many of splendid things if you open your eyes and pay attention. This year hasn't been the nicest to me: a breakup from hell, friends lost, battled a couple cycles of depression, blah, blah, blah, but I also moved on from a destructive relationship, rekindled some friendships, fell in love with some old hobbies and figured things out about myself that only adversity can teach one. It's all a matter of perspective. While some of you think of what you'll be giving up or adding in your lives for 2011, I challenge you to start today. Right now. Time waits for no one, and if its proposed that we'll all give in to our old ways by March, you're better off with a head start anyway. Cliche or not, I plan on living a healthier lifestyle. Good thing is, my gym is right across the street from my house. Talk about lazy, I really want to kick myself in the shins sometimes for not getting up and working out. I've started living healthier already and so far, so good. It's been three weeks, and I'm back to running as soon as I wake up. I don't care how late I get to bed, I'm up at six a.m. outside running (since there's no snow yet) and then its back to bed. The motto this year is Something is better than Nothing.

Nutrition is more of a challenge but I'm letting go of some sincerely bad choices slowly but surely. Like dear Diet Coke for example. Everyone knows I can drink this stuff by the gallon; liquid crack it is. Yet, I'm replacing every urge for soda with juice, Naked is my personal fave, and water. My skin thanks me for this decision. I KNOW I have to let go of my sugar and salt cravings slowly or I'm bound to experience a purge outside of this universe,so expect updates on that journey; healthy recipes, raves and rants.

Besides making health conscious life decisions my list of resolutions and goals for 2011 are short and sweet.

Journey deeper into Buddhism (I'm in the process of converting and loving every minute).
Learn to take sufficient time to myself everyday to recenter.
Run some more races for charity!
Blog regularly

Master Spanish and start French (its time to throw in the towel on Espanol and move on lol)
Stick to my hair regimen hahaha

That last one's a doozy. I'm anal about my hair, another blog post for another day, trust me.

So there's my resolutions for 2011. Good luck and best wishes figuring out your own resolutions and for the hell of it, start today; stay in the moment.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!



I sure hope you all enjoy your Christmas with your families and friends! Thanks for reading my blog and following me! I greatly appreciate it and I'll be back to blogging tomorrow!