Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hiatus Yall!

Hey guys! I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging! Some things have came up that will take up all my free time for now. Be on the lookout for my return in two weeks though!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update! Update! Read all about it!

Hi Yall!

I've noticed that I'm picking up followers, Yah! THANK YOU! I haven't even started advertising my blog yet, so this is pretty sweet! Oh how I missed you blogger! These last few weeks I have been trying to "refocus" my life, however, when you're Reese Nicole, such things do not exist. There will always be something! Ha! Currently, I've lost my house keys...for the 2nd time this month, and while I'm on the verge of tears, the little voice in my head says, "You know what, shit just seems to happen to you, so deal with it, don't cry this time". Its my inner Athena. Oh, have I not told you all, I adore the Goddess Athena. Greek Mythology intrigues me, and I aim to live vicariously through her (and Holly Golightly). So that's my new philosophy: Deal with It and Cry later (in the dark where no one can see or hear you)lol.

School is picking up! Note to self: Do not fall behind, ever. Easier said than done right? Yeah, I know. What do I have to look forward to this fall? Well, I'm Trick or Treating for Unicef (and havent decided on a costume yet) and there's the Pow Wow in November, which I'm really, really looking forward to and the International Banquet; a night of fun, food and dancing from international students. Clubs and bars are the usual, sorry Mom but I need my Thursday night Rumple. AND (and yes, I am getting squeamish about starting a sentence with and) but training for my first race! I'm back in the gym guys and it feels damn good! One step closer to my future "Damn She Fine" phsycially fit body! It takes alot of work to be the best, but the payoff will be worth it, mentally and physically.

Stay posted!


Monday, September 13, 2010

La Dolce Vita!

So recently I've been thinking about how to go about organizing my blog to more of what I originally believed it to be. Monday's will forever more be deemed Motivational Mondays here; 1) bc I hate Monday's and thinking positive is a better way to handle this situation and 2) well, there is no 2!

So because lately I've sloughed off into couch potato land once again, a long, good workout is so in store for tonight. Its never too late to start over. I do have a set weight in mind, however, my goal is to just live a more healthy lifestyle. I'm sure the weight will fall off in time. No worries here, just sitting back and enjoying the transformation into Hot Mama mode lol. Speaking of which, soo naturally I have some weight loss idols of my own that I look up to for their physique and lifestyle. One of which is Mel B. I love her body, she has some great muscle tone IMO. Her abs are killer! I'd love to be in shape like that. With me, its 60% mental lol.  I have to have something to look forward to. Well in February I am running this race and I know I'm going to take full advantage of being in Florida. Yeah, that's motivation right there. I often feel like such a tourist when I'm in Cali or some other coastal region, like, since I cant visit the beach regularly my body well, it screams Springfield, Mo. Hahaha Honestly, I have to dream of days when I'll get out of here. Like, I have no one to impress currently, but that doesnt mean that one day I wont and that's enough motivation for me! Off to the gym I go!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its my Party, I'll dance if I want to!!

So I'm finally 23 but I feel not even a millisecond older. Yesterday, September 7th, was my birthday. I celebrated over the Labor Day weekend  since my Mama and Lil Sis have birthdays very close to mine. I enjoyed  sharing it with them as well. I know, its Tuesday, and I'm late on updating you all, but it was my birthday and all so give me a lil slack why not?

I'm completely worn out from all the partying this weekend! I had a literal 2 day celebration filled with late night partying, dancing, doing insane but hilariously funny drunk crap and lots, dare I say, lots of picture taking! My cheeks are just sore! It was a very busy weekend. I flew in at 12, had to go shopping for dresses and shoes, thank you gifts, eyebrow and hair appointments....busy busy beaver.

As far as the dieting challenge goes ladies and!! I lost 10 lbs, which is good, but being that I did absolutely no work to get there, its probably just water weight anyway. The only good thing I can say is that I honestly do not enjoy eating fast food. Nope, not at all, I can eat it, but I don't crave it.  Never thought I'd see the day that happened, but making better nutrition choices is easier than moving my fat bum into the gym ....for me at least!

So I'm currently underway getting my life back on track. I committed the cardinal sin some few weeks back; I lost my planner. Hopefully it will pop up and I'll be back in business. Time for some new, more realistic challenges for fall! Hope schools going well to all the college kids! I can't wait to get out of here!!

Until Wednesday Folks!


FYI:  I've given up electronic planning, nope, not my style. I got so frustrated trying to write in assignments, it just felt wrong.

Friday, September 3, 2010

23 Lessons in 23 Years

With it being so close to my birthday and all, a couple days ago I wrote a note to myself that I want to share about some of the most important lessons I've learned growing up. Hopefully there will be many more years filled with lessons learned in my future. So without further ado....
23. Smiling fools your brain into believing your happy, even when you don't believe it.....try it sometimes, it works.
22. Friends are often times more family than family.

21. But you're family, dysfunctional as they may be,  will always be the cement, glue, fixative, whatever that made you you and if that's not enough to love and respect them, I just don't know what the hell is.

20. Strength is found through faith.

19. The color pink looks good in every shade......every shade.

18.  Sometimes its just best to be alone, you can never disappoint yourself.

17. If you treat everyone kindly, with respect and a smile, 9 times out of 10, you can never go wrong.

16.  Intelligent people can be dumbasses too.

15.  Fall in love slowly and try to avoid TOXIC persons; if you have a bad feeling, listen to your intuition.

14.  However, its not about finding the perfect person, but finding perfection in the imperfect and flawed. Love is the most powerful drug in existence and you'll know when its right.

13.  Eat. Pray.Love...yeah, I know its a movie and book title, but fundamentally, its a fact of life.

12.  Sisters are God given gifts, we fight, curse each other out, laugh and cry together and beat up each other's ex's (j/j) Nothing could replace my sisters.

11.  When God gives you a talent, you owe it to the world to use it (hopefully for the betterment of society)

10. Volunteering and helping those less fortunate than yourself is the greatest you.

09.  Boy bands are cool and I dont care what anyone has to say about this statement.

08.  I will never be perfect, and that's fucking A-Okay with me.

07.  Worry is the most useless emotion, clearly unproductive feelings just leave you in a cycle of misery.

06.  Everyone has insecurites; but stop comparing yourself to other people!! You will NEVER be so and so, so let it go, and focus on just making you the best person you can be.

05.  Never do more for a person than they are willing to do for themselves (you'll save alot of time...and money)

04.  Beauty is truly skin deep.

03.  Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, taboo, and ignore the naysayers, usually they're just jealous because they don't have the balls to do the same thing.

02. If you treat your body the best way you can, you can guarantee yourself you will have no other choice but to look great!

01.  We always have a choice, always, we can choose happiness, responsibility, peace, and love just as much as we choose fear, sadness, war and hate.