Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

It's been a long time comin but I'm back and feeling much better than ever everyone! Sometimes you have to fall, bust your bottom a couple times and bruise your forehead (five head in my case), before you can move forward. Without our adversities, we'd never become stronger people, the people we were meant to be to achieve our hopes and dreams. I've been doing alot of thinking about where I want to take this blog and what I need to do to make it bigger and better! Girl's got a message to share with the world!

The past few weeks have been spent doing everything bad, I won't lie to you all. I think I have what most like to call Senioritis. Yepperz! That's exactly what it is!  Absolute dumbest thing in the world too, complete oxymoron and a key way to STAY a senior. So its midway through the semester and like I professed earlier, I won't lie yall, its been a complete disaster. Good thing is, I've gotten what I needed from these past 3 weeks of pure Hedonistic fun: The Spark. Have you ever yondered through life pondering why exactly you're doing what you're doing? Why exactly am I in this class again?? I would add work, but well, that's a no brainer. 

To stay on track, we should all have goals and as much as God laughs at our plans, having a vision is essential to experiencing a fullfilled and balanced life. Personally, I need goals for my spiritual, financial, career, and personal life. Those are the 4 areas that I concentrate most of my time on. Currently I've walked into a fork in the road, its called growing older, graduating, moving on; lots of decisions to make, very little time. Its the time when every senior takes a look at their life (and transcript) and say, okay, so what's my next move, all the while being completely honest in the process. In the midst of reinventing the "blueprint" that is my life, I concluded that while the essentials are here to stay: shoot for PA school, have 2.5 kids + dog and marry a normal, down to earth man, haha, there were  two obvious spiritual/personal goal that I must say bye bye to. Now let me throw out this disclaimer before I begin: these are my opinions that I choose to stand by in my life and mine only. I truely gives no fuck how everyone else lives their lifes, do what you do and do it proudly!

 Live for the present and live simply. Now, you might say, "well that completely trumps everything you just said". Maybe so. Planning is good, having a vision is necessary, but I'm done spending most my time worrying about it. I believe I've been spending soo much of my time focused on how I want to live 5, 10 years from now, I forget how effin great I have it now. Focusing on the future makes the present appear insignificant and trivial. I wake up hating life, a droid to the system, clock in, clock out until I find myself in my local Starbucks  with a Carmel Machiatto pondering, "why am I doing this again?" Count your blessings I say, do it everyday because surely it'd be fucked up if I die tomorrow and the only thing I thought about was acing my next Calc exam. In fact, that would be complete bullshit, like....can we do a redo please? So to be brief, as much as I have 5 copies of my future goals; on my wall, in my purse, on the refrigerator, etc,etc, I'll go back to them in a timely fashion but I'm focused on making sure I live everyday emboding all the qualities needed to accomplish those goals. Take time to center yourself and hopefully you'll never disappoint.

Live simply, well duh right, especially in this economy, but let me tell you all; I love the finer things in life. As proclaimed in the above paragraph, I dream about it and sometimes I have a guilty pleasure of splurging on it...okay, most if not all of the time. Besides the point, over the years I've been on this journey to rid myself of my obsession with the superficial; the hype that everyone wants you to believe makes man successful. Well, I'm still on that journey.  No, I'm not going to spend a year on some remote island and come back looking like Mel Gibson in Cast Away with Jesus sandals on, but in centering myself and enjoying my present, I want to ensure I continue to live an honorable life. It does my blueprint no good if I'm meditating and focusing on how to go about getting shitfaced fastest without it being noticable by my coworkers lol. I look at my life and I'm quite pleased. I have everything I need: food, water, shelter, doe, good family and amazing friends. God forbid, unless one of these things should change, I'm more than satisfied and hopefully never in need of a reason to pout about how much of a victim I am. As far as the luxurious things I'd die for, I'll do my time. Just like I was told to graduate from Seventeen to Vogue,  from Wet and Wild to Dior and Yves Saint Laurent (and not that there's anything wrong with the lesser because I love them all but) if I stick to my goals, live for  the moment and remember what's really important, those things are only two snaps and facebook status away. So I'm feeling awesome and the spark's back. Guess who's ready to kick ass and take names?

Good night yall



  1. You are too precious! Anyone can do ANYTHING if they WANT it bad enough!!! Go for it, girl! :)

  2. Thankx ladies, very much appreciated!