Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Hoorah!

B-Day weekend was a BLAST! Man, I realized how much I miss when all of my friends get together! The road trip from St. Louis to Springfield flew by because all I remember was laughing at the crazy jokes! Throwback 90's pop and Wayne and Trey..oh yeah, karaoke time babey!

Okay, I must admit, I could not find a pink dress at the mall that I actually like, So I asked the host, who replied that all the other girls were having trouble too, and wore a black cutout. Who'd of thought the mall would be out of pink? Like hello?? Determined to throw SOME pink in the mix, I decided to test the waters with the recent hot pink/fuchsia lip trend like the one on Rhianna below.

Now, I am not a high pigment loving person; nude all the way for me loves. I was very selective about my shade but fell for Victoria's Secrets Muse. I was still shaking when I bought it, like, "Oh Lord, please don't make me look like a clown".  Surprisingly, once all the makeup and hair and fit were together I think the pink pulled it all together. I loved the texture of this lipstick, creamy but still very matte. I didn't need a gloss either. It was time to meet the judges; my family. They are very 'tell it like it is' kind of people; especially my mom. After they got over the expected shock of me stepping outside my brick red and pale pink niche, they thought it looked very cute. Okay, I could finally exhale.

So me and my sis A were headed off to The Drunken Fish for sushi and drinks and a good time! I must say, theoretically speaking, the hair was let loose and we shut the place down! I was fashionably late due to the cabbie getting us lost. Boo! Hit the club later that night and headed back to the hostess' for some more cake and slumber party fun!

A Most Memorable Night!

P.S. Yall

I really wish I could have grabbed a pic of all of us, we're missing quite a few girls in this pic. Tear.



  1. it looks like you had a blast, there is nothing like having good friends to have fun and share it with :)

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  3. You're adorable and so is your blog :)