Monday, August 2, 2010

Let Training Begin!

So if I haven't addressed this before, I'll say it again. I'm jumping out on a limb and trying something new in order to help me reach my fitness goals. One of my fave hobbies is running and anything Disney + Princesses = Sheer joy! One can only imagine how I squeaked with joy upon finding Disney's Princess 1/2 Marathon race online a couple weeks back. I think I stepped out of my chair for a minute to walk off the excitement. I think I was born to run this race. I've always wanted to go to Disney World; so why not kill two birds with one stone? I know I can run 13.1 miles, but I'll still have to train nonetheless. I'll need to create a training schedule to really push myself. I'm uber excited about this if you couldn't tell. I have a variety of athletic activities set up this fall to keep me focused on being active: yoga/pilates, martial arts and dance. I wont allow myself to put fitness on the back burner for another semester. I'm sure you lovely readers have come to grips with how easy it is to slip into couch potato land. My guess is hopefully being more active will push myself into making better eating choices as well. Not to be rude, but its not a good look to have the 65 year old lady pass you by with ease, I'll be honest, my ego would be slightly bruised.


  1. I love this a Disney Princess Marathon. I look forward to you updating us all on your progress.

    Love Lisa xx

  2. Thankx! This will be my first race so there will be plenty of new "firsts" along the way.

  3. Races are a lot of fun too. I do them all the time! Enjoy.