Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Break Finally!!!

OMG! Hurray for days off! 

Tonight starts the night of my 3 Day B-Day weekend (not mine of course but my friends). I'm going to try on dresses tomorrow and start looking at different styles for my hair. I once tried genie locs and loved them. However, there were things that I need to readjust this time: 1) not making them long as hell, 2) much smaller in size and 3) a new color (natural of course). I guess you lovelies will catch the final product from the party pics.  Sorry ahead of time about those clunky earrings, I had to throw something on my ears for my photo shoot and they were at the top of the pile!

I've been meaning to update for some time now, sorry to leave you hanging, busy as a bumblebee these days. In two weeks, I will have worked some 95 odd hours. Workaholic maybe?? Anyhoo, I found Sam a sweet trainer/behaviorist to work with come September; she specializes in Shepherds so this shall be a treat! I can say this, Sam is getting better on her leash and indoors; still a tad bit skittish, but more confident being around me, I must say I'm proud of my doggy; I finally got her inside the apartment door the first time around!! She usually just stands outside for about 10 minutes until she realizes that I'm waiting on her to come in the

 Back to the original programming. Have you ever had those days where you just feel out of whack? That's me for the past 4 days...just floating by. Time's getting the best of me. I have an idea though, it could be that my house needs some rearranging.  A cluttered house leaves a clutter mind or so I've been told. I will say that I'm moving right along on these fitness goals. I picked up a personal trainer to help motivate me and I finally set up a fixed workout schedule, so no excuses. 

Oh and I lost 6 lbs so far! Yah!

As far as dresses go, the party is pink themed. I love the color pink but its not the most complimenting color on me. I may end up on the fuchsia end of the color spectrum. I'm hoping to find a cute cocktail dress, something classy; definitely not slutty; paired with a cute up do (pompadour) and pearl earrings. Currently trying out makeup looks and I'm stuck between vamped eye and pale lips or the other way around. I could do something like this possibly. 

However, let's not get my hopes up, you know how it is shopping in the mall sometimes, beggars can't be choosers and its too close to deadline to order online. Poo. Note to self: invest in a LPD.


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