Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Late Update!

Wow guys! I don't know where I've been these last few weeks!! So much has robbed my attention from my blog and I've truely been itching to set aside 30 min to write. So, here it goes......

So school's started and so far so good. I'm killing this Biomolecular Interactions course...so far at least :/. The roomie's moved in, but we both have such busy lives, we're STILL unpacking and its the second week of classes.  I plan to make some fundamental changes in my chain of thoughts this year. For one, optimism is one hell of a drug; a good attitude about things can really change things. I usually get overwhelmed and pessismistic as each semester closes, but if I don't accomplish anything this year, I owe it to myself to just be happy. Damn. Life is too short for frowns.

These last few days have been quite unfortunate however. I lost all of my keys.....AAAAHHH! (I've been holding that in for a minute lol), definetily NOT how I wanted to start off my week lol.

On a side note, I'm sending Sam home; I don't think she really enjoys city living , she'll be better fitted at home in the country. I do want a doggie though, soo maybe its time to start searching for a better suited doggie for me.

This could be the most random blog post ever!! Its 8:17 in the morning and honestly, I just feel the need to let the many random topics running through my brain free....

I can't wait for my B-Day party this Labor Day weekend! I've made the guest list and sent out invites. We're doing dinner and dancing, slumber party (with a MJ dance off) and early morning brunch! Hopefully we wont be sick of each other by the time this is over lol. Time to start searching for a dress and tiara though. IDK what I want though, something colorful and short for sure. Hmmmmmm...........I'm stuck between flowy waves or tight ringlets for my hair. I'm trying to persuade my good friend Jazzy J to do my makeup, she's a guru in the making yall; she has a blog as well, so stop by if you have time; http://loveknowledgenbeauty.blogspot.com/.

As far as this whole dieting thing goes....um.....Diet Coke is the devil! Like seriously, I have a problem. I down about 4-5 of these bad boys a day....they'll be the death of me one day!
I'm having lunch with my personal trainer to formulate a more realistic, achievable fitness/nutrition plan. I just hope she can give me some tips on how to ween myself off of dear DC.  

I also decided that I will be blogging regularly 4 days a week; Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So see you guys Friday, off to study Calculus...ugh.. I suck at math!