Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taking Some Time to Smell the Roses

While surfing one of my fave blogs,  Moptop Maven, I ran across one of her more recent posts titled, Creating the Blue Print for your Dynamic Future, and fell in love! You have to love a girl who possesses both beauty and brains. As a pre-health major, planning and focusing on the future is about as regular as breathing, however, I'm always looking for better ways to tweak my "blueprint".  This uber chic chica inspired me sooo much last night that I went out and grabbed my trusty dusty Holly (my Breakfast at Tiffany's journal buried in my library somewhere) and starting writing away! I do suggest you lovely readers swing by her blog and check out her post. I especially appreciated learning about the S.M.A.R.T. approach to goal setting and planning. Another good reference to get your craniums wrinkling is The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide: Get What You Want in Work and Life (and Look Great While You’re at It). I read this book last Spring semester after my BFF recommended it to me. I must say, I do need to find myself with this book in hand again; very inspiring! 

So tell me, what are you're goals and how do you go about keeping yourself in line and in tune with them?

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