Friday, July 2, 2010

B-Day Fitness Challenge


So in light of it being summer and me being a Fall baby, September Ow Ow, I want to look extra snazzy for my 23rd B-Day. My goal is to get to 130 lbs by September 6th. My B-day is September 7th actually but I wont be thinking about my weight on my B-Day. That's a two month time frame. I definitely think I can at least get very close to this weight with enough diligence.

I'll be working out five days a week, giving myself the weekends off to relax and allow my body to heal. I'm going to center my weight loss challenge around interval training in my strength training and A LOT of cardio. I'll check in every two weeks with how the challenge is going. Of course working out is only half of the solution. Nutrition will be the hardest hurdle to climb but I'm looking at this with a positive outlook. I think it'll be interesting to watch myself make better food choices and experimenting is only half the fun! I already try to keep red meats to a bare minimum and I eat a lot of fish. It just kicking this soda habit of mine lol. Well, off to make a more concise plan, I'll update soon.


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