Saturday, July 31, 2010

Packed and Almost Ready to Go

Since this summer has been such a bore for me, I've had plenty of time to focus on next year's plans and organize  things to run as smooth as I can possibly control. I think there's a saying that goes, "we plan and God laughs".  I can only imagine what he's doing right now.

This year I feel the need to redeem my old bummish ways. While I'll still refuse to wear a heel in lab. I'll definitely take more time and consideration into my image. I used to wear my scrubs and call it a day since I'd go straight from work to class ( I start at 3am if you were interested). I've already fallen in love with these Crocs that would look rather edgy for work. However, I can't find a pic and will have to post them when they come in.  I rank my hair as my crown and glory. It really is, and I do not see myself falling off of that band wagon anytime soon, so if anything, I'll just get worse with my PJism. I will happily say that I do not crave fast food anymore; since visiting my fave salad bar, it seems like my body craves the good stuff now. If it can't be grown, I just won't do it....however, this does not apply to dessert. Yum!

Let's see, I really want to share with you all my new apps and gadgets to help me along this fitness challenge of mine. I recently purchased a workout journal by
Alex A. Lluch . I really love it. Inside you can track your weightloss over a six-month time span with graphs, log in entries for cardio and strength sessions with weekly reviews. This is great for the old school girl who's not a fan of online journals (wink  I especially like the weekly rap up section at the end of every week for reflection and goal setting. Its slender enough to fit in my purse yet large enough for easy writing without my hands cramping. Curse you bite-size Comp books!

 Speaking of online journals. I'm Stepping out on a limb this next semester and trading paper planners for my Blackberry. For me, this deserves an OMG! I religiously stick to all things paper, so this electronic thing will take time to adjust to. So far, so good though; might have to invest in some type of back up storage just in case it crashes, breaks (because I'm a klutz) or gets lost (because from time to time I get a heavy case of amnesia). 
I recently purchased a new app for my Blackberry, Student Buddy, and I really love it! I especially enjoy the feature that keeps track of my exams and other extra currics. I'll test the waters as a tech savy chica this fall; lets hope for the best for I have no problem relapsing into my old ways.


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