Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where's the White Rabbit when you need him?

Well I must say that the past few days have flown by faster than I could blink, sit or stand. Life is spinning out of control over here in The Field, Mo.  I'll go whoo-sah for a few minutes so that this doesn't become a rant post. It seems I've been slacking on updating my blog....again. 

You know you work in a hospital when your shift lasts longer than 10 hours and everyone thinks that's perfectly normal. Not to sound like a sour puss, because hey,  I like getting paid as much as the next girl, but a sister really needs her beauty sleep. I think I'm growing bags under my eyes...dear lord.
While I've been away Dear Doggie Samantha trashes the place as any lonely pup would. That's when the guilt really sits in. I've been meaning to spend loads more time with her than our present little three hour dates. Today I was fortunate to be off at 7am so we've been playing all day and I can really tell she loves it. Thankfully, with school right around the corner, work will level out and I'll have a set daily schedule to play with Sam. I work like a dog, Order makes my tail wag. 

Speaking of school, there's a reason I self proclaim myself a "repressed socialite". I think I've managed hmmn....1 hang out time for myself this summer. All work in and no play leaves a rather stressed Reese. No one can capture the excitement I'm currently oozing about heading home in a couple weeks. All of my friends are there and there's nothing like a good girl bash wit the BFF's! Here's where the white rabbit really comes out in me: What am I going to wear? What will I do with my hair? Samantha? Only 2 weeks to plan with another insane work schedule in the mist; what is a girl to do?  Pardon me, not to be melodramatic, but I'm quite melodramatic. 


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