Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 14: Siblings

Yep. Can't live with them, sure as hell can't live without them. Day 14, you're all about my bro and sisters.

One thing about being apart of my large family is silence, it doesn't exist. At least not in our house it doesn't. In the 23 years I've been alive, I've yet to remember a day where there was peace and quiet, even sleep was loud because surely, 3 out of the 5 of us was snoring like we were breathing our last breaths. I'm blessed with 4 wonderful, irreplaceable hermanitos. All indistinctively unique in their own light. My parents often remind me that I complained everytime one was born (I'm the oldest). Selfishness is a character flaw of mine btw but I was out of my mind in those days. Once I moved off to college they were the very first people I missed more than anything else. I have to add my cousin to the mix, she's sort of a sister too and equally missed.

Many of my greatest memories include my siblings. I mean, what's not to love about them? Who would I have to test out my cookin on? Because of them I can watch cartoons without feeling guilty for being a college student and grown ass woman. No one will ever tell you about yourself like a sibling. They don't hold back nothing (and I really wanna say shit just for the much needed emphasis) and they usually know your triggers to so they know exactly which buttons to press lol. Sometimes ya fall out; people change and everyone needs time to grow into who they're supposed to be, but even reuniting with a sibling outshines reuniting with friends in my experience. I've changed a diaper or two, babysitted alot, fought with, imagined a many of ridiculous games with, cried with, and laughed non-stop with these people. I hope they're reading this and looking back on those "lets see who can stay quiet for 5 minutes" games of back in the day, most pointless game ever ( I think our parents invented that game to be honest). The best thing about my siblings is that they accept and love me in all of my flaws, no frontin with family!

Thanks guys! Its good to know I'll always have minions to do my evil work.


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