Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 15: Friendship

"There may be big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is Friendship"

According to the average person, good people are hard to come by. Guess I'm one lucky bastard. It would be awesome if I could measure exactly how much of a better person I've become since these 4 people have walked into my life. I don't want to limit my post to my BFF's only. I have some really great friends in general. My brothers; my friends from high school who've I've managed to develop even stronger friendships with, college buddies and coworkers. I'm blessed with all types of positive people.

I remember my BFF Ashley once telling me that sometimes all you really need in life is one good friend. Truest statement since E=mc2. A friend is a person who you enjoy being around with with no alterior motives; not to network through or borrow from. A friend is someone you trust, can depend on, a supporter of your goals and dreams and hopefully someone that loves ya on some type of level. They don't always agree or believe in the same principles you may stand for, but you can always bet they'll respect them. The best thing I respect and thank my friends for is keeping me a humble, thankful person. A good friend will let you know if they think you're accepting less than what you deserve regardless if its your own wrong doings or someone else pulling the strings.

Sometimes we have to let our friends go, no matter how good and great they are. I'm a strong believer in people taking sufficient time to figure out who they are even if that means figuring it out without you. The hardest part may be walking away, but you never know, Love is a many splendid thing. If its geniune, I'm positive there'll be a way to reunite when the time is right. We can't control everything, sometimes its the experiencing part that matters (some more wise words from my BFF). So here's to my friends and your friends for just being friends. Damn, you make life so sweet.



  1. "Sometimes we have to let our friends go, no matter how good and great they are."

    Ahh this is so true. I had to "let go" a friend this summer... we're talking a 20+ year friendship. But things happen, people change!

    Love this post... looks like you and your friends have a great time together! :)

  2. Yeah, I enjoy hanging out with them mucho. Unfortunately their all back in the Lou so I don't get to do that very much anymore.

  3. i missed my friends now:(
    Love all the pictures babe.
    have a lovely day.

  4. This is Ashley!! Love you are an amazing person and I am so glad that I am able to call you friend! MHOB!!!! You make me want to blog lol

  5. Thankx Ash! Nothin but love over here for you too girl!