Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 16- Music: The Beautiful Disturber of Air

Currently my ears are scarred due to never taking out my Ipod and yet, the only thing on my mind is how long it'll be before they heal so I can put them back in.....

 I'm not antisocial, I promise, I just love my music. It can inspire and relax all with the press of the next button. Artist may take alot of crap for the happenings in their personal lives, but I just don't know quite what I'd do without them. Why yes, I do sing in the shower, but god forbid the day anyone other than my family and roommate have to listen to that. 

Honestly I'm a fan of everything, unless of course, I'm cringing more than 3x before the chorus plays. No, but really, I just have to be in the mood for it. Can you imagine watching a movie without music? The only thing scary about scary movies nowadays is the music. Hmmm maybe being in the hospital warps that opinion just a tad bit.

Oh? So you have 50 murderous stab wounds to the chest with blood and some strange bodily fluid rushing out of them ?
 Seen it.

I used to play the alto saxophone when I was little; played the hell out of Hot Cross Buns too. Don't judge me readers, I loved that song and I played it with exuberant amounts of passion. I'm sure most of us were made to music. Ode to Al Green (and many others) for increasing the population in the '70's. Thanks for Michael Jackson, period. I pay hommage to 90's gangsta rap for providing me with lyrical ammo to spit at all my haters. Here's to R&B: good R&B music will remain my favorite genre til the day I die.   

Thank you Music for uniting people regardless of color, creed and background, not completely, but for the length of a song or a concert;  for a moment in time we're just fans. I love how you can describe my life in words more eloquently than I can. Girls just wanna have fun? I know right! Thanks for getting me through some of life's worst moments and giving me the extra sprinkle of hope I sometimes need. Here's to boy bands. I'll always love you Kevin, Aj, Nick, Brian, Howie, Justin, Lance, JC, Joey and Chris. You were the demi gods of my pre-teen years. Here's to my facebook statuses (which are about 90% lyrics) because I've just ran out of things to say these days.  I'll always make time for you music. You. Complete. Me.


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  1. That’s awesome you use to play the saxophone. I played the violin in 4th and 5th grade… ugh, I regret giving that up.
    Love this “Thankful” post… I don’t know what I would do without my ipod at work. I wouldn’t make it.